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February 01 2018

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January 31 2018

the loop i always walk
does not change for years
until one green flower turns to yellow,
and from yellow turns to red
and i stop, shocked, to look.
red flowers?
it either dies, or bears future fruit.
there are other possibilities
i am not creative enough to imagine,
but i am finally curious.
spontaneity -
do i…
risk it?
stay to watch the red flower die?
stay to see fruit?
water it?
stomp it?
believe it doesn’t exist?
believe it as something else?
do i walk the path 
not meant to be taken alone?
do i ask if you would…
take it with me?
maybe die with me?
ask why with me?
go crazy with me?
say FUCK IT with me?
steal a car, run red lights with me?
fly a plane to another plane with me?
if you would…
which way should we go -
the way others have always gone,
or the ways we’ve never?
do i even ask?
i’m always asking, it’s my kind of crazy,
who, what, where, when, why,
hello, goodbye, yellow blue sky, is sense?
crazy maybe maybe
my maybe baby baby
no more questions;
there’s mountains, sea,
places, non-places,
we didn’t plan to
or know we’ll see
so… spontaneity!
— k.c.t. (via kellycthoughts)
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January 29 2018







lawful good: “my friend”

true neutral: “my guy”

neutral evil: “my man”

chaotic evil: “my good sir”

chaotic good: my son

neutral good: my boy

chaotic neutral: “my dude”

Unclassified: My good bitch

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My personality is literally 50% queer and 50% mental illness

January 27 2018

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January 25 2018

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me: im so tired i wanna sleep

also me: *willingly stays up until 4:00 am*

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I am exhausted in every sense of the word

January 23 2018


I hope you find someone who randomly pulls you in closer late at night and won’t let go of you long after the hug is over and who just generally shows you that you’re all they really want in this world

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January 22 2018


  • It’s just sadness. Sadness, frustration and anger intertwined


Why can’t I just trust that you’re not going to go?


I need intimacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need closeness and tenderness and care and affection and love and softness all the fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are all about 3 minutes from death but every breath we take resets the timer

January 21 2018


I like to think I’m tough but in reality I’m a soft anxious baby who will absolutely cry if you use a loud harsh tone towards me

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